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If you’re in need of AC repair, Comfort 360 has your back


It’s that time of the year again, summer in the Pacific Northwest has arrived and with it comes several months of warmer temperatures. For many of you, summer is a great time to enjoy countless outdoor activities like hiking and swimming. But for those of you who prefer the cooler Washington seasons, now is the time to make sure your HVAC systems are running smoothly and most importantly, making sure you do not need an AC repair.

As we move through the summer months the temperatures here in the great Northwest are going to get even hotter before they cool back down again. Even if you are not using your air condition system right now, you don’t want to turn it on when you need fresh cool air only to find out it’s not working properly.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, if you require AC repair the team at Comfort 360 is ready to help. Comfort 360 has been servicing and repairing air conditioning systems here in Washington and Oregon for over 30 years, rest assured we will be able to quickly and efficiently make any AC repair you may need. Also, since we charge by the job not by the hour we can save you a pretty penny on repair costs compared to our competitors. If you are in need of AC repair call Comfort 360 today!