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Home automation is here, are you ready to take control?


For over 30 years Comfort 360 has been known for its exemplary knowledge of installing and maintaining home HVAC systems. What may be less known however is that Comfort 360 also specializes in installing home automation systems to help give you a greater degree of control over your home and its security.

Whether you just want a more secure door lock to deter criminals from your house or a more convenient way to control your home appliances remotely, Comfort 360’s home automation solutions have you covered. Our lineup includes everything from smart door locks and home security cameras to remote control access of your home and its appliances via the web.

Of course, it isn’t home automation if you constantly have to fiddle with everything. That’s why Comfort 360 helps you install products that truly have the smarts to make your life easier and worry free. We have door locks that are capable of locking themselves and sophisticated home monitoring systems that can be accessed no matter where you are. Not to mention we have mobile solutions that can help you control your already installed Comfort 360 HVAC systems remotely when you are away from your home. The future is coming; home automation is already here. Let us help you take control of your home today!