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Common Furnace Problems In Winter


If you’ve ever experienced furnace problems in winter, you’re not alone. Cold temperatures and sudden freezes can adversely affect even the most durable furnace. Here are some of the most common wintertime furnace issues, all of which Comfort 360 can remedy.

The Furnace Isn’t Creating Enough Hot Air

One of the most common reasons a homeowner seeks furnace repair in the winter is for a problem involving a lack of hot air. Or, perhaps the furnace is only blowing cold air. Both of these circumstances are connected, and can be traced to one or more of the following causes:

  • Uneven airflow: uneven airflow is the result of either having the wrong size furnace in the home, or the air ducts being improperly designed
  • Dirty air filter: your furnace’s air filter should be changed once a month, and no longer than three months at a time. If it’s been several months since you’ve installed a new filter, this could be the reason for lack of hot air.
  • Leaking air ducts: compromised hot air flow could be the result of a leak somewhere in your home’s ductwork, or the ducts may be intact but leaking air because they’re insufficiently insulated

The Furnace Is Producing Too Much Carbon Monoxide

If you have your furnace regularly inspected by our local HVAC company, you shouldn’t reach a point where the unit is producing excess carbon monoxide. However, if the CO sensors in your home are beeping, contact us right away. It’s likely that your furnace has reached an age where the heat exchanger is cracking and requires immediate replacement.

Noisy Furnace

A properly functioning furnace shouldn’t be clanging, banging, squeaking, or rattling. If your furnace is constantly making unusual noises, contact our nearby furnace repair company. A noisy furnace is indicative of a mechanical problem such as a clogged burner or abnormally low airflow.

Continuously-Running Blower

We all want to stay warm during winter, but when the air temperature reaches the temperature specified on your thermostat, the blower should shut off. If it does the opposite and keeps running, call Comfort 360 and we’ll send a technician out to investigate. It could be that the furnace’s limit switch is malfunctioning or needs to be adjusted/reset.

Malfunctioning Pilot Light

There are several reasons why this might happen, including draftiness in the furnace area, cogs in the unit, and thermocoupling issues. All of these should be investigated by one of our trained HVAC professionals.


“Cycling” is the technical term used when a furnace cycles through on and off modes as if it’s trying to find the right setting. Cycling is irregular and could be caused by a faulty thermostat, poor airflow, or a clogged filter.

Normal Wear & Tear

It’s always possible that this winter is the time when a home’s furnace begins showing signs of age. Evidence of aging include under-heating, overheating, poor/inconsistent airflow, and problems controlling the temperature from the thermostat. Our technician will confirm whether these problems are caused by age, and if so whether the best option is repair or replacement.

Serving Vancouver Since 1983

For 35 years, Comfort 360 has provided professional HVAC repair to thousands of customers in Vancouver. Our outstanding track record is a testament to the high level of training our employees receive, as well as our commitment to hiring friendly, personable people. If you’re experiencing a furnace issue this winter, give us a call.