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Have you ever noticed the air in your duct system getting louder? Or maybe it seems like your furnace is making a lot more news than usual. The first question that comes to mind is how long has it been since you cleaned your filter? When your filter is dirty your system has to work harder and thus you hear more noise.

But that’s not all. A dirty filter can cost you more money as well. In fact, a clean filter can help reduce your heating bill by as much as 5 to 15 percent. So the fact is you should be cleaning your furnace filter regularly. That means you should be checking it about once a month. Some furnaces even have an indicator light that lets you know that your filter needs to be cleaned.

Cleaning your filter is typically easy for most people to do themselves. You should begin by turning off the power to your furnace. Next open the service panel and locate the filter. Once you find it pull it out and take a look. If you can’t see through the filter then it needs to be cleaned.

You can rinse it off in your utility sink or pray it off with the hose. Allow it to dry, and then place it back inside the furnace service panel. You now have a clean filter and you should notice a difference in your unit.

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