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Air Conditioner Repair in Vancouver, WA


There are few things in life more aggravating than realizing you need an air conditioner repair when you are in desperate need of cool air. When we get too hot we get uncomfortable, when we get uncomfortable we tend to grow irritable, and before too long we can just be in a downright grumpy mood. We get it. For over 30 years it has been Comfort 360’s mission to ensure that all of our clients have one less thing to stress about and that there is always cool air whenever you need it.

But of course, even the top of the line AC units installed by the best professionals will eventually require some sort of maintenance or fix up to continue working properly. Neglecting your HVAC systems can leave you in a sticky situation down the road which could have otherwise been avoided with some maintenance. But how do you know when it is time for an air conditioner repair or service check? Our solution? The Comfort Club Maintenance program.

Below are the top five reasons to consider joining the Comfort Club Maintenance program:

1. Avoid Ill-Timed Breakdowns: Depending on the plan you choose (Silver or Gold) your HVAC systems will be entitled to either 1 or 2 free maintenance checks per year. These visits could reveal an issue with your heating and cooling systems that can quickly be fixed before they have a chance to break.

2. Receive Awesome Discounts: All of our members receive a 15% discount on all repairs. This includes air conditioner repair as well as furnace repair.

3. Get Lower Diagnostic Rates: As a silver member your diagnostic rate drops down to only $49. But if you opt in for the gold membership we completely waive your diagnostic fee!

4. Save Money On Energy Bills: HVAC systems, especially heating systems, can be especially troublesome and costly if they are not maintained. If your heating and cooling systems are running below peak efficiency, you may be spending more money to heat or cool your home then you need to. As a Comfort Club member, we can identify these issues for you early on, before they have the chance to empty your wallet.

5. Peace of Mind: Last but not least, being a member of our Comfort Club Maintenance program will give you peace of mind knowing that all of your homes HVAC systems are running and operating smoothly at all times.

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