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Ductless AC Systems: What You Need to Know

Ductless Air Conditioner

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Although summer is quickly coming to a close, you may still experience some warmer fall days. One of the best ways to ensure you stay comfortable, no matter what the temperature is like, is to install a ductless AC system.

If you have never heard of a ductless AC system, or have questions about cost and installation before you commit, this is the perfect article for you. Our experts at Comfort 360 in Vancouver know the ins and outs of ductless AC systems and have the answers you are looking for.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • Basic & advanced information about ductless units
  • How to install a new system
  • The approximate costs to expect
  • The overall benefits of ductless AC systems

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What is a Ductless AC System?

Although you may be familiar with the name by now, you may have some questions about what a ductless AC system is and how it operates. Keep reading to educate yourself on both the basic and advanced know-how of ductless units.

Basic Info

A ductless AC system is an HVAC unit that is ductless, just like its name implies. Traditional HVAC systems require extensive ductwork around your home so air can travel from room to room through your vents. Ductless AC systems, however, operate as standalone units in each room of your home. They provide hot or cool air, depending on the season.

Each ductless AC system, or mini-split, that you place in individual rooms operates independently. Each mini-split then connects to an outside, central unit. Mini-splits adhere to the wall and are generally no bigger than a few feet across.

Ductless AC systems are highly efficient and great for saving money over time. Duct systems can waste air, especially if you are not in certain rooms often. Ductless AC systems give you full control over which rooms receive heating or cooling and which ones do not.

Advanced Info

There are three main components:

1 – A Blower/Evaporator Unit

The first component of your ductless AC system is the blower (evaporator) unit. This unit is the indoor part of your system that connects to the wall. ‘Blower’ is essentially a fancy name for each mini-split unit. Blowers/evaporators suck hot air out of each room, absorb the excess heat and moisture, and then expel the heat outside. Then, cool air is blown back into the room.

2 – A Conduit

The next important component to know is the conduit. It connects each of your indoor units to the outdoor one. The conduit is a thin, long cable made up of a power cable, refrigerant tubing, and a condensation drain.

3 – A Condenser

The unit condenser is what we call the outdoor unit. It collects all the heat gathered from inside of your home and disperses it outdoors.

How to Install a Ductless AC System

Even if you are handy with home improvement set-ups or installations, we highly recommend calling in an expert for your ductless AC system installation. Vancouver residents call on our expertise every day to keep their systems running well. Instead of potentially facing a frustrating circumstance while trying to install your ductless AC system yourself, let us do the hard work for you so you can rest easy. Once we have overseen the installation and set-up of your new unit, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy!

If you are ready to install a ductless AC system in Vancouver, give our team a call today at (360) 706-1496.

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How Much Does a Ductless AC System Cost?

If you’ve made it this far, you are probably wondering about the cost of your new ductless AC system. Vancouver residents ask us all the time if a new system is worth it, especially if they are on a budget.

The best thing about ductless AC systems is that they save you money over time. Because they are highly efficient and give you control over which rooms receive cool air and which ones don’t, no energy is wasted. You will start saving money immediately on your heating and cooling costs, with a noticeable difference within a year or so on your overall energy expenses.

In general, you can expect to spend anywhere between $4,000 and $13,000 on a new ductless AC system. Vancouver residents may only need to install one or two units in their homes, which can help keep the initial installation costs down. Higher-end models will reach more into the 10k+ range.

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Are New Ductless AC Systems Better for Homes?

The answer to whether or not a ductless AC system is better for your home depends on, well, your home. If you already have ductwork installed, it may be worth looking into an upgraded system that includes ducts so you can take advantage of the ducts that are already present.

If you don’t have ducts installed, consider a ductless AC system for the following reasons described below. Having a ductless AC system in Vancouver is a popular choice, as most homes in this area and across the PNW do not have ductwork installed.

4 Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning Installations
1 – Built-in Zoning

Built-in zoning allows you to control each mini-split unit independently. This means that if you are mostly spending time in one or two rooms during the day, you can leave the mini-splits off in the rooms that are not used for extended periods.

2 – Less Energy is Wasted

Since you can control each room’s temperature, your ductless AC system is bound to save you money on your energy costs. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about wear and tear or damage to ductwork, which can result in higher energy costs.

3 – Multiple Evaporators, One Condenser

Multiple mini-split units can be operated with just one condenser or outdoor unit. Most homes in this area do great with just one condenser since only a handful of mini-splits are needed to make your home comfortable.

4 – Great for Older Homes

A ductless AC system in Vancouver is not an uncommon sight. With so many older homes in the area, ductwork is not common. Most residents do not need a fully functioning AC with complex ductwork since temperatures are generally mild, except for some warmer summer months.

Special Financing

We know times are tough. That’s why we offer special financing to make life a little easier. It is possible to save financially in the long run while ensuring your family stays comfortable now.

Give us a call to learn more at (360) 706-1496.

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Install a Ductless AC System Today!

Well, there you have it! Now that you know a lot more about ductless AC systems and their benefits, it is time to install your own system. Our experienced technicians are happy to help, no matter what questions or concerns you have.

We look forward to helping your family stay cool and comfortable now and for many summers to come! If you need a ductless AC system in Vancouver, give our trusted technicians a call today!

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