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5 Reasons Why Heater Maintenance Matters

Technician performing heater maintenance

Heating Central Gas Furnace

Why Heater Maintenance Matters 

Winter has nearly arrived in Vancouver, WA and across the Pacific Northwest. If you haven’t already, it is time to start thinking about heater maintenance and how you plan to keep your unit running strong this season.

At Comfort 360, we perform seasonal and routine heater maintenance in Vancouver, WA and elsewhere in the region. We know firsthand why it is so important to know your unit inside and out with the help of a trusted professional. Whether you have just installed a new unit or have been using your current system for several years, you can benefit from the information presented in this blog post.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • The steps technicians follow when performing routine heater maintenance
  • 5 essential reasons why heater maintenance is important
  • How to finance a new unit if you live in or near Vancouver, WA

Hand Cleaning Grill Plate of Floor Heating Vent in Home

Essential Heater Maintenance Steps

Here are some basic steps your heater maintenance technician will perform to ensure your unit runs properly this winter:

  • Inspect the unit and wires
  • Clean and lubricate various components, as needed
  • Check and refuel fuel levels
  • Test the unit pilot light
  • Clean both the fuel line and pilot light, as needed
  • Calibrate the unit
  • Identify any repair or replacement needs

Air duct joint sealing for heater maintenance

5 Reasons Why Heater Maintenance is Essential

While there are a number of reasons why heater maintenance matter, these top 5 reasons are important to keep in mind for the safety of you and your family.

1 – Better Air Quality

Your furnace moves air through your home — along with particles, dust, and other contaminants floating around your home. Dust, pollen, dander, and other particles are exacerbated if you have a dirty system. It is essential to keep your system clean and the filter fresh as part of your seasonal heater maintenance. If you have allergies, pets, asthma, or other respiratory conditions, it is wise to change the filter every 1-3 months or purchase high-quality filters that last longer. With regular heater maintenance, your system runs more efficiently and your family breathes easier.

2 – Save on Repairs & Replacements

By investing a little bit of time and money into heater maintenance now, you will save a whole lot in the long run. Maintenance and repairs often go hand-in-hand and help prevent smaller issues from escalating into larger (and more expensive) problems. You may also be able to take advantage of product or system warranties that cover some or all of the maintenance costs for your unit. Be sure to check with your HVAC technician or the manufacturer warranty to see if your unit qualifies for coverage on maintenance.

3 – Extend the Life of Your Unit

The best way to ensure that your heater maintenance pays off is to keep up with it. The more on top of routine heater maintenance you are, the better your chances your unit will last (or even outlast) its lifespan. Additionally, part of the manufacturer’s warranty policy may require that a professional regularly service your unit or the warranty may become void. You are bound to get the most out of your unit if you pay attention to annual and seasonal heater maintenance and tune-ups

4 – Keep Your Family Safe

Your furnace releases carbon monoxide out the exhaust as part of its routine functioning. The carbon monoxide is vented through the exhaust and out of your home. If there is a leak somewhere in the exhaust, carbon monoxide may find its way slowly into your home, rather than outside. Regular maintenance from a professional will ensure that your family is not exposed and that the exhaust is free of cracks or leaks.

Additionally, a maintenance technician will check for the presence of mold, mildew, and build-up in your unit and vents. Your family’s health can be negatively affected if these problems persist. With regular heater maintenance, you can catch these problems and resolve them before your family gets sick.

5 – Maintain Efficiency

A poorly functioning unit will not only cause frustration, but it can also increase your monthly bills. The more efficient your system is, the less you will have to run it. Thus, well-maintained systems lead to lower energy costs. You can best maintain your unit by relying on a professional for routine cleaning and tune-up and remembering to change the filter often.

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Special Financing for Heater Maintenance & Repairs

If you know you may need a new unit or suspect that a costly repair is in your future, we offer special financing options to our customers in Vancouver, WA and elsewhere in the PNW. We want to help your family stay comfortable all winter long, regardless of your ability to pay in total upfront. With flexible financing options from Comfort 360, you can enjoy the warmth and comfort your family deserves without breaking your bank.

To learn more about our special financing options for heater maintenance, repairs, and replacements, give us a call now at: (360) 706-1496.

Schedule Heater Maintenance 

If you have additional questions or concerns about your home heater maintenance, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our experts have been performing heater maintenance in Vancouver, WA, Portland, and elsewhere in the region for decades. We know what it takes to keep your family warm and comfortable all season long!

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