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Is Your Air Conditioner Making A Weird Noise?


When your air conditioner starts to make a weird noise, there could be a number of reasons to call for air conditioner repair. Whether you hear buzzing, screeching, or a loud banging noise, all of these sounds can indicate a problem with your air conditioning. If you hear a noise that you can’t identify, it’s time to call Comfort 360 in Vancouver, WA to check out your air conditioning unit!

A Loud Buzzing

A loud buzzing noise can indicate that the system is malfunctioning. If your unit starts to leak refrigerant, this can cause the system to start to freeze up. Leaking refrigerant will eventually cause ice to build up in your unit. The air conditioning repair experts at Comfort 360 prefer Trane brand products for their high quality, but even the best air conditioning units aren’t perfect: leaks can happen.

A High-Pitched Hiss

A high pitched hiss or squeal noise coming from your air conditioning unit usually indicates a problem with your compressor. You’re more likely to hear the noise when your system starts up, and it can go away in a few seconds. This is not a safe situation and you need to shut off your unit and call for air conditioner repair as soon as possible. Your system may also turn off and on frequently because of the problem.

A Banging Noise

A banging noise when your unit turns on can indicate that a foreign object got into the unit. For example, if a stray stick is hitting the fan when the unit turns on, a banging noise will occur. Try turning your unit to fan only. If the noise stops, there’s either something hitting the fan or the fan has become loose and is wobbling. While this is not dangerous in itself, ignoring the problem will lead to the need for larger repairs.

A Gurgling Noise

A gurgling noise when your air conditioning is running can be a number of problems. The drain for condensation may be causing the gurgle, or you may be leaking refrigerant. While this is not a problem that is going to cause immediate danger, pay attention to see if the problem becomes worse. You’ll want to call for a repair, but it’s not an emergency.

A Screeching Noise

A screeching noise when your unit turns on and continues to run can be a problem with the bearings on your fan motor. The noise can be very loud, but it isn’t necessarily a danger. If you hear a loud screeching sound like two pieces of metal rubbing together, you can still leave your unit on while waiting for a repair. If the heat is unbearable, call for a repair and leave your system running. If the weather isn’t too hot, turn your system off to give it a break.

If You Hear a Strange Noise, Call The Vancouver, WA Air Conditioning Repair Experts!

Whenever your air conditioning makes a noise you don’t recognize, it’s time to call Comfort 360 in Vancouver, WA to see what is going on with your unit.