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Your heating system in Vancouver WA is very important if you want to keep your house warm and cozy during the cold winter months. Right now, with the heat we’re having in the northwest you probably haven’t given your heating system much thought. However, now might actually be the perfect time to think about have some heating maintenance done.

Not only is regular preventative maintenance a good idea, but pre-season service can also save you a lot of trouble when the calendar turns and the cold air starts to hit. If you have a system that only heats, then it’s important to have a professional service your system once a year, before the cold season begins. If you have a system that performs both heating and cooling, then having it serviced in both spring and fall is a good idea.

That means you might want to think about scheduling a service appointment now. There are also several other things you can do as well in order to keep your heating in Vancouver running smooth. That includes:

  • Inspect your unit for refrigerant and add some if needed.
  • Clean any debris from the area.
  • Inspect all the accessible parts to make sure they are free from damage.
  • Make sure all the controls are working properly on the control box.

These are just a few of the items you can inspect on your own, but there are several others. You can also give Comfort 360 a call at (360) 706-1496 and we can check all of those things and more, for you. We are Trane Comfort Specialists and we can make sure your heating in Vancouver WA is running smooth this fall and winter.