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Like any other appliance in your home your air conditioner can run into problems. However, just because your AC unit has some issues it doesn’t mean you have to rush out and install a new system. There are many repairs that can be made to your unit by qualified, experienced professionals, like the ones we have at Comfort 360.

There are even some problems that you might be able to fix on your own, but when the issues get too complicated, that’s when you definitely want to contact a professional air conditioning contractor in Portland OR.

If your AC unit is experiencing any of the following issues, then contact Comfort 360 for quick and reliable air conditioning repair in Portland OR.

  • Your condenser stops running
  • Insufficient cooling in your home
  • Your unit is running but it is not cooling
  • The AC unit continues to turn on and off over and over again

Although you might be able to fix some of the problems on your own it’s always a safer bet to contact us. We’ll send a certified technician to your home that will diagnose the problem and get it fixed fast. Click here to contact us for an appointment or to learn more about our air conditioning repair in Portland OR.