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In our last blog we talked about saving money on your energy bill simply by having the right settings on your thermostat. This time we want to talk about programmable thermostats and how they can make the energy-saving process even easier. Of course, you can manually change your thermostat settings whenever you want, but that can be a hassle and it’s easy to forget.

By switching to a digital or electromechanical thermostat you can save yourself the time and hassle of constantly changing your settings. Digital thermostats usually have the most features available, which can make them very versatile, but they can also be difficult for some people to operate.

However, no matter what kind of thermostat you have, there are some things to consider when you enter your settings. Most importantly, make sure you consider your sleeping hours, both when you go to bed and when you wake up. If you like a cooler temperature when you sleep then starting the temperature setback time before you actually retire for the night is a good idea.

The great thing about digital thermostats is that once you have set them they will automatically take care of the heating and cooling process in your Lacamas WA home for you. If you’re interested in switching to a new thermostat, including going digital, then give Comfort 360 a call at (360) 706-1496. We can take care of all of your heating and cooling needs in Lacamas WA.Click here to contact us.