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Most people never give their air conditioner a second thought, unless it stops working. However, there are some people who are just a little more curious than others. Have you ever wondered how your air conditioner works? If so, then continue reading to learn more about some of the basics of air conditioning.

Air conditioners use refrigeration to cool your indoor air. So how does it do it work? When a liquid converts to gas, it absorbs heat, which is called phase conversion. That’s the principle that air conditioners take advantage of. AC units use phase conversion by making specific chemical compounds to evaporate and then condense repeatedly all in an enclosed coil system.

AC units also have fans that move the warm air over the cold refrigerant coils. When that happens the refrigerant inside absorbs the heat as it changes from liquid to a gaseous state. To keep cooling properly, the AC unit must then covet that gas back into liquid, which it does by using a compressor. The compressor then pushes all of the unwanted heat back outdoors with the help of the condenser coils. It’s an amazing process.

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