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Tips for Keeping Your Furnace Clean


One of the best ways to ensure that your furnace runs at full capacity and keeps your home warm every day is by keeping your furnace clean. In fact, not only will keeping your furnace clean help your unit run efficiently, but it will also help extend the overall life of your furnace. So what can you do to keep your furnace clean and running at maximum capacity?

One of the biggest differences you can have on your furnace is by cleaning or changing the filters regularly. Filters do an important job. They collect all the dust and debris to keep it from entering your home. However, all that yuck can really build up, which means your furnace will have a harder time performing at its peak. That also means it will wear down quicker.

Another way to keep your furnace clean is to schedule a yearly tune-up with a professional, like the techs from Comfort 360, for example. Of course, you can check the ducts, the flues, the thermostat and other parts of your unit for signs of wear and damage, yourself.

However, this can take time and if you’re not sure exactly where to look, or what to look for, then having an experienced professional HVAC tech do the work for you is a good idea.

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