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Getting Your A/C Ready for Summer


Summer is nearly here, which means that your air conditioning system is going to start putting in some hard work soon. Before you put your air conditioner to the test in the summer heat, take some tips from the experts here at Comfort 360. We’ll make sure that your A/C keeps you comfortable all summer long. 

Take Care of Your Filters

Before you really start to put your HVAC system into heavy use this summer, make sure that you take a closer look at your filters. This simple step can make a big difference, so don’t neglect it. Cleaning a filter that’s clogged with dust can keep your air conditioner running smoothly all season long. You also might need to replace your filter. Fortunately, that isn’t that difficult or expensive. A clean filter ensures that your HVAC system isn’t spewing dust back into your home and makes it run more efficiently.

Examine Your Outdoor Unit

If you have central air, you should take a look at your outdoor unit. It may have gathered some leaves and other yard debris, so clean off the unit if you notice a little bit of buildup. If it seems like the dirt and debris have caused a more complicated problem, you might be better off consulting our air conditioner repair experts. We can deal with any issues with your outdoor unit safely and effectively.

Check Your Coolant Lines

While you’re outside, take a closer look at your coolant lines. These connect the outdoor unit to the rest of your HVAC system. If you notice that the insulation is damaged or missing, you may need us to replace it. That insulation is important because it prevents energy loss, which helps ensure that your A/C is operating at peak efficiency.

Examine Your Ductwork for Wear

Some of the ductwork that makes up your HVAC system is exposed and easy to examine for wear and tear. Damage or holes in your ductwork can cause a variety of problems, including cooling loss and higher energy bills. When your air conditioning unit is working hard, you want to make sure that the cool air it’s producing is actually getting to the rest of your home. Our air conditioning repair teams can fix any issues with your ductwork that could be causing costly problems.

Give the Coil Drainage Hose a Closer Look

The coil drainage hose, also known as the condensate line, also needs a closer look before you really put your air conditioning to work this summer. Water can condense on the coils of your unit and drop into a tray below. This condensate then flows away to a drain, which prevents spillage in your basement or a unit that floods and becomes damaged. If this line isn’t in the proper place and ready to drain, you could run into issues this summer.

Test it Out

Now it’s time to test out your air conditioning. Turn on your system and see if you feel cool air coming out of your vents. If you did everything we mentioned and comprehensively examined your A/C unit, you should notice your house becoming cooler. If it’s not, you may have a deeper problem that our air conditioning repair experts can help you with.